Stan came from out of space to Copenhagen. - Photo: Max Menning
5. Jul. 2018 13:11

On June 26th the world got to meet Stan, the very first confirmed visitor from outer space! At first, we were surprised that Stan chose Copenhagen as the place to reveal his existence. But then he told us that his visit to earth is not coincidental, but has been planned ever since his home planet, GD19, heard about the upcoming IHF Men’s World Championship 2019. GD19 is in fact home to some of the Universe greatest handball enthusiasts, and the inhabitants of the planet love fellow handball fans.

"Handball is the most wonderful sport in the universe, so I wouldn’t miss the World Championship! As soon as my spaceship was fully charged I got onboard and flew to your lovely little planet," says Stan as we meet him outside the Copenhagen City Hall where the draw took place.

When we asked him what he was looking forward to the most, he told us that it was meeting all the fans. "At GD19 we spend most of the days celebrating, dancing and singing. And I am sure that the earthlings will do the same, when the World Championship begins."

Stan has therefore travelled far and wide, through time and space, from one end of the universe to the other just to meet all the fans in both Germany and Denmark – and we are happy he did! As you can see in the film, Stan is full of energy and he cannot wait to show his moves at the venues in January. In return we promised Stan that you would give him a warm welcome when you meet and also show him that earth is the greatest place to watch handball!

During the fall Stan will be in training camp to make sure that he will be ready to cheer and dance in January.


Stan the spaceman is ready to cheer, dance and stand out at the World Championship.