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13. Aug. 2018 15:32

Munich – Bavarian tradition meets metropolitan spirit

Located most southern of all German venues of the 26th IHF Handball World Championship Munich represents the Bavarian lifestyle and vitality at it's best – the contrast to Hamburg’s maritime flair could not be bigger. As third biggest German town after Berlin and Hamburg, Munich has 1.5 million inhabitants and annually increasing tourist rates, more than 15 million people discover the hotspot every year.

Famous all over the world for it's Oktoberfest, Bavaria’s state capital adorns itself with traditional costumes like dirndls and leather trousers every September when there is state of emergency for two weeks. More than 6 million people from all over the world visit the city in this time and drink 6 million masses of beer in average. Besides the biggest public festival worldwide Munich is famous for it's football club FC Bayern Munich.

Right in the Alpine foothills Munich has many local recreation areas and touristic attractions. Munich’s beautiful and old buildings as the town hall with the Marienplatz located right in the city centre. Right around the corner you find the famous Hofbräuhaus – just one of dozens local beer breweries, always crowded with locals as well as tourists, always with live music and the best Munich beer. Especially worth a visit in the cold month is the winter sports paradise Garmisch-Partenkirchen which is just an hour drive away – and in January very crowded due to international Ski World Cups. But there are also possibilities to enjoy the winter (sports) right in the city, for example at the Olympic Park where the Olympic Hall is located, venue for the preliminary round of group B.

That Munich is always worth a visit knows Tobias Kohler, spokesperson of the Olympic Park, which was developed in regards to the 1972 Olympic Games in Munich: “Unfortunately the beer gardens are closed in January but due to our traditional tavern culture you can taste the great Munich beer in pubs and restaurants all over the city. Also the Olympic Park is full of fun! Besides the Olympic Ice Sports Centre where ice hockey matches take place we have the Olympic Tower, a viewing platform, where you can see the Alps, if the weather is fine.” And there is much more to do in the park: swimming or ice skating, playing football in the soccArena or visiting the famous Olympic Stadium.

With its reputation as cosmopolitan and sports enthusiastic city Munich has many years of experience in relation to international sports events. Alone the Olympic Park hosted more than 30 world championships, more than 10 European Championships and more than 100 German Championships since its construction in all kinds of different disciplines. In addition many concerts, fairs and exhibitions take place in the area.

Besides being a great venue for football and winter sports, handball is popular here too: Until 2012 the Supercup, the match between German champion and cup winner, took place in the Olympic Hall – and in January 2019 the popular ball sports is coming back.

Dominik Klein, ambassador of Munich, emphasizes the great nations of the groups A and B playing their preliminary rounds in Germany and is looking forward to Japan and Kroatia in “his” group B, “both groups are very attractive”. With Spain as current European Champion and Japan with its well-known coach Dagur Sigurdsson, Iceland, Croatia, Macedonia and Bahrain, the city cannot wait to welcome old and new faces from all over the world.

Kohler is looking forward to exciting games in the Olympic Hall which itself was built in 1972 with an audience capacity of 12,000. “We are very excited about the Handball World Championship! Right now we are at the planning stage and the preparations are running right on schedule. The Olympic Hall will be a great host, the ticket sales are running and we are ready to welcome the many different nations here in Munich”, and he promises to the fans: “Here in Munich no one will be bored – and with the exciting encounters in the hall even less!”

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Arena Name: Olympic Hall
Arena capacity: 12,000
Games in the Olympic Hall: Preliminary Round of Group B with Spain, Japan, Iceland, Croatia, Macedonia and Bahrain, January 11th – 17th, 2019