IHF World Cup
15. Jun. 2018 09:35

21 of 24 participants of the 2019 Men’s World Championship in Denmark and Germany are determined after the completion of the European playoffs on Thursday night. Mainly it were the favourites, who booked their tickets for the final tournament (10th to 27th January 2019). The biggest surprise was the elimination of Slovenia (bronze medallists at the 2017 World Championship) by Hungary. Besides, EURO 2018 sixth ranked side of Czech Republic missed the qualification, defeated by the Russians, who on the other hand are back on track after they had missed qualification for the previous World and European Championships.

Finally, Hungary and Russia, Iceland, Austria, Fyr Macedonia, Sweden, Norway, Croatia and Serbia clinched their berth for the World Championship as aggregate winners of their playoffs.

In total, 13 European teams will be part of the six pots at the draw event of the World Championship on June 25th, 12:30 hrs. local time in Copenhagen.


The results of the European playoffs for the 2019 World Championship:

Lithuania vs Iceland

First leg: 27:27 (10:13), second leg: 31:34 (16:18)

Czech Republic vs Russia

First leg: 27:26 (12:17), second leg: 21:29 (11:14)

Slovenia vs Hungary

First leg: 24:29 (14:13), second leg: 26:22 (12:12)
Belarus vs Austria

First leg: 28:28 (15:15), second leg: 26:31 (16:13)

Fyr Macedonia vs Romania

First leg: 32:24 (15:10), second leg: 25:26 (11:12

Netherlands vs Sweden

First leg: 25:24 (13:12), second leg: 20:26 (7:14)

Norway vs Switzerland

First leg: 32:26 (19:11), second leg: 30:33 (15:16)

Croatia vs Montenegro

First leg: 32:19 (17:10), second leg: 31:32 (14:18)

Serbia vs Portugal

First leg: 28:21 (14:10), second leg: 25:25 (10:13)


Those 21 teams have qualified so far for the 2019 World Championship:

Host: Denmark, Germany

Defending champions: France

Europe: Spain, Iceland, Russia, Hungary, Austria, Fyr Macedonia, Sweden, Norway, Croatia, Serbia

Asia: Qatar, Bahrain, Korea, Saudi Arabia

Africa: Tunisia, Egypt, Angola

Wildcard: Japan

The remaining three World Championship participants will be determined at the Pan American Championship from 16th to 24th June in Nuuk, Greenland, where those twelve teams play in the two groups of the Preliminary Round: Chile, Argentina, Cuba Puerto Rico, Guatemala and Peru in group A, and Brazil, Uruguay, Greenland, Canada, Colombia and Paraguay in group B.

The World Championship will be staged from 10th to 27th January 2019 in the Danish cities Herning (preliminary round, main round, placement matches, medal matches), Copenhagen (preliminary round, Presidents’ Cup) and the German counterparts Berlin, Munich (both preliminary round), Cologne (main round and Presidents’ Cup) and Hamburg (semi-finals). The 2019 World Champions directly qualify for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games.

Tickets for the 2019 Men’s World Championship are available via the official website handball2019.com